Earn Big Commissions And Transform Lives With These Copy And Paste Affiliate Tools!

At The Mind-Body Training Company, we have some truly fantastic programs that really make a difference in people’s lives. So why not get paid big commissions and truly make a difference!

The basic requirement is that you must have your own web site, social media following, or third party hosted site (like Squidoo or Myspace etc.) That's pretty much all you need.

These cut-and-paste tools deliver high-quality content to your community, which in turn generates lots of happy people, big sales, and big commissions for you!


What Do We Pay?

50% On All Front End Products. Begin with one of the following high quality programs: How To Clear Anything In 7 Days, Core Energy Meditation, OR Meditations For Manifesting. These programs convert. We constantly test our copy and price points to maximise your conversions. You will earn up to $63.50 on the first front-end sale.

30% On Our Continuity Program. Every time we sell a front-end program, we offer the client a free 30-day trial of our Spiritual Growth Monthly coaching program. Membership costs $27 per month if the client wants to continue after the trial. Our average stick rate is at least 6 months (many members stay long-term, in fact many have been with us from the beginning). You will receive 30% for the life of the members you refer.

30% On Our Higher Priced Back-End. We have many “back-end” programs that we offer clients after their first purchase to deepen and expand their results. These home study courses are physical products and range from $97-$395. We pay 30% on these back end sales as well.

10% On The Second Tier (Includes Continuity & Back End). When you refer a new affiliate to one of our sites and they register to become an affiliate, you earn 10% on all their sales. You earn 10% on all their front end sales, 10% on all their continuity sales and 10% on all their back-end sales


More Reasons To Make Money With Us

1) Our programs work. They are natural and holistic. They work because they go beyond superficial levels and affect core level change. This means more sales and commissions for you. Our refund rate is extremely low across the board.

2) We constantly test our systems to get you the maximum conversions and commissions. Remember, your commissions per click (visitor value) is the ONLY metric that counts at the end of the day. What good is 75% commission on a $500 product if the conversion rate is less than 0.2%? A high rate of commission and a high price does NOT equal high commissions for you. Our affiliates earn serious cash because we constantly improve our results through continuous testing. We have found that keeping the front-end sale at a reasonable price makes you MUCH more money every step of the way. More front end commissions = MUCH more continuity commissions = much more back-end commissions for you. Bottom line, this system works.

3) We give away high quality free content that people REALLY appreciate being referred to. People often say that our free stuff deserves a price tag. However, we prefer to give it away because we want to make a difference and we know our free content convinces our clients to buy.

4) We have a proven follow-up system that converts MANY more back end sales. We always recommend you direct people to opt-in for our free content so we can follow up the leads for you. However, this is completely optional. All our tools include links to both opt-in and our sales letters.

5) Access to proven "copy and paste" tools. When you sign-up to be an affiliate with us, you have access to lots of tools all pre-formatted with your affiliate links. This removes all the guesswork. Whichever of our front-end programs you want to promote, all you need to do is copy and paste to start making money.

6) We pay commissions via Paypal every month without fail.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Click here to get started earning commissions
and making a difference!

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Attention Fraudsters! We are watching. Every order placed through our system is verified to ensure it is genuine before any commissions are paid. Be advised that all fraudulent abuse of our program is tracked and reported to the appropriate authorities, and we will prosecute criminal behavior to the full extent of the law.

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