Guided Meditation & Instruction CD

NOTE: What follows is extracted from the guided meditation and instruction CD of the "Secrets Of Meditation, Heath & Manifestation" Program

Now it’s time to get started with your practice! ...

In this section, you’ll find several guided meditations of varying length and style. The first four meditations are short in length and easy to do. They are progressive relaxation, breathing meditation, mindfulness meditation and a guided visualization.

I recommend you practice one of these meditations daily for the first week. In the beginning, many people find it’s better to commit to something easy like 10 or 20 minutes in the morning or evening. Then, once you’re into the practice you can always go for longer if you’re enjoying it and want to continue. After the first week, or whenever you feel ready to meditate for longer, then feel free to go ahead.

I’ve also included with this program a mantra meditation, ocean mindfulness meditation and a meditation for the world. Each of these meditations is a full 20 minutes. After the first week, or sooner if you want, you can experiment with these meditations as well. If you like what you hear, we do have many more guided meditations available at our web site

So once you’ve decided which meditation you’re going to practice, set aside some space for your practice. A corner of a bedroom will suffice, but make sure the area is clean and comfortable and that it will help you feel relaxed. Do not listen whilst driving or doing any task that requires your attention. Make sure you have somewhere you can practice without interruption.

You may begin with a few minutes of breathing exercise as discussed in Part 2. This will add energy and focus into your practice and make it much more enjoyable and energizing. When you’re ready, find the meditation track you want and hit play. Feel free to stop the audio whenever you want and continue your meditation on your own.

Before we begin, make sure you assume a posture that will help your meditation. You can sit in lotus position, half lotus, on a chair, or cross-legged on the floor. Or you may choose to sit on a cushion on the floor. You may position yourself however you like with just a few restrictions. Whatever position you decide, it’s important that your back is straight and your posture full and open. Unless you prefer to try a different posture I suggest you try the following.

Find a sturdy chair that will allow you to sit up comfortably with your back straight. The height of the chair should be such that your knees are about level with the height of your hips. You should sit up straight, towards the edge of the chair, making sure your lower back is pushed in so that your back is straight. You feet should be roughly a shoulder’s width apart. Your hands can sit palms down on your thighs.

If you find it uncomfortable to sit up straight on the edge of a chair or your lower back is weak, here’s what you can do. Begin by sitting up straight on the edge of the chair. During your meditation, if you become tired and need to rest your lower back, it’s perfectly okay to sit back and rest for a while. Then, when rested, you can sit up straight on the edge again for as long as you comfortably can do so. Over time, you’ll be able to sit up straight for longer. You’ll begin to develop strength in your lower back and so you’ll find it more comfortable. You’ll also improve your health and overall energy level!

Finally, let me remind you again to allow yourself to let go of any effort during your meditation. Remember that your mind is not an animal that needs to be tamed! Thoughts, feelings and sensations are part of meditation. They are supposed to be there. It’s how you relate to those sensations that matters. All you need to do is be aware and present.

So as you listen to the guided meditations, just allow yourself to follow along as best you can. Any time you discover you were distracted, remember that’s totally okay and normal. Allow that be okay, and with a sense of friendliness, just bring your attention back. Do this as many times as it happens.

Remember meditation is not about getting to the point where you have a quiet mind, although that will happen more and more with practice. It’s about the process of dis-identifying with thought and becoming the observer to whatever arises in consciousness. That’s why we’re practicing! Wherever you find yourself, allow yourself to accept the here and now, and above all, enjoy the journey!

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