Refund Policy

All our online programs come with a minimum 30 day money-back guarantee. The guarantee is conditional that you agree to take action and apply the material in your life. (All Group and 1-to-1 Coaching Programs are not covered by this refund policty and are subject to a seperate wriitten agreement.)

Our job is to give you the tools, practices, and support to be successful. We cannot do it for you. For physical/download programs, if you ask for a refund but do not give any indication that you have played your part, we will put this question back to you. Have you given the program a fair try by consistently practicing the material every day? If not, then remember you do not qualify for a refund and we recommend you go back and make a more concerted effort practicing the material.

We will leave this question for you to answer in good faith.

On the other hand, if you have taken action, put the program to work in your life, and you are still not satisfied, you may return the program for a full refund (less S&H). For downloadable products, please open a support ticket. You can return physical products to the following address. It would be useful if you could include a note with the word "return" as well as your name and email address.

The Mind-Body Training Company
4610 Prime Parkway
McHenry, IL 60050
United States

Upon receipt of your request and/or returned goods, please allow up to 5 working days for us to process the item, issue a refund and/or cancel any final payments due. If there is a payment due on the program, you may wish to open a support ticket requesting that your final payment be cancelled, but please only do this when you have already shipped the item back to us.

Finally, we are always looking to improve what we do. Please do pass along any comments you have on the program and what we might do to serve you better next time.

Thank you,
The Mind-Body Training Company

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