How To De-Stress Quickly!

There is a growing epidemic of stress-related conditions like anxiety, depression, muscle and joint pain, high-blood pressure, and chronic fatigue. Many people manage stress through vigorous exercise, massage, reading, or watching television to unwind. More dangerous strategies include excessive use of alcohol or prescription drugs. While most of these stress relievers work to some extent, they are only temporary solutions if you don’t understand what is really bothering you.

What Is Stress Anyway?

Stress occurs when your life is out of balance—the demands you feel exceed your ability to handle them. This pressure comes most strongly in three areas of life: career, family, and finances. With a global economy and the fast-paced world of the Internet and mobile communications, the speed and intensity of life have accelerated to unparalleled proportions. We are also constantly bombarded with information that tells us that the world is a dangerous and scary place.

This kind of steady and relentless pressure can take its toll. While some people seem to be immune to the constant worry, there are those of us who just can’t get past it. Many of us do not even realize how stressed we are—that we live in a state of constant, low-level anxiety almost all the time. This is because not everyone is in touch with their feelings or sensitive to pick up on the stress signals that their bodies are sending them.

To make better choices that lead to more effective stress management requires a certain level of inner understanding. Without that understanding, stress goes unchecked and snowballs into more serious unhealthy behaviors such as addictions and more serious health issues such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Sometimes it takes dramatic events in our lives to wake us up to what we are doing. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for something dramatic to happen to discover how to deal with stress effectively.

You Can De-stress Rapidly Through Proven Techniques

One of the most powerful tools of self-awareness is meditation. Meditation is also a great way to relieve stress. Unfortunately many people shy away from it for lack of understanding. Meditation might seem “out there” or only for those who are involved in alternative or New Age thinking. Or meditation may be associated with specific religions or with following a guru. In fact, meditation is a most natural practice that has been done for thousands of years in all types of settings—secular, scientific, medical, and religious.

If you are unfamiliar with meditation, or related stress-reducing practices such as yoga or t’ai chi, and want to learn more, it may be intimidating to go to a class. You might feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or not sure what you are “getting yourself into.” These classes may also be time-consuming or inconvenient to attend.

Because of those things, a great way to get involved with meditation is to listen to a guided practice in the privacy of your own home. You can get a taste for what this is like through the links below. Enjoy your practice!

Here is a great technique for releasing stress: It's free and it's called the Core Energy Technique. It's simple to do, works almost every time and you can learn in the next few minutes. The CET uses a complete body approach to help you de-stress and return to a state of clear coherence. Click here to get the free audio.


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