FAQ & Ticket Submission

Frequently Asked Questions: Please look to find the answer to your question before contacting client support.

How To Submit A Support Ticket: We have several programs so please be VERY specific when contacting us so we will know exactly how best to help you. The more information that you give, the quicker we can reply. Please include your full name, order number and email address along with name of the program you're referring to.

Where's my download? / I need product support.
I have a question about a program I'm buying
There's a charge on my statement I don't recall
I need to give you my new email address / billing information / contact details
I am interested in joint venturing
Do you have an affiliate program?
I want to unsubscribe from your email newsletter
I want to cancel a paid membership subscription
I want to return a program
I do not have a credit card

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