Your CDs are wonderful! I started listening to them when I was under enormous stress concerning my health, finances, my job and the health of some loved ones. Since taking time to study your CDs I am much calmer, my health is slowly but surely improving, my financial situation is much better, I have a new and wonderful job and my loved ones are getting better as well. Thanks, Matt.

Ginny Fiorentine. Levittown, PA

I have received the tapes and I am gaining knowledge everyday...Thanks they are very beneficial...I have become a better person and a clearer thinker already.  Thank God for your noble work...You are doing such a great service...Keep up the good work. With appreciation,

Nancy Alt,
Ohio, United States

I started using your CDs about 2 weeks ago and already feel as if I'm living a life beyond my wildest dreams. For the past 8 years I've been struggling with very unpleasant, costly and stressful court battles re: custody/access between my daughter and her father (I'm divorced 7 years). Suddenly, 2 days ago, it all became clear to me what I had to do, and this will most probably avoid yet another $40 000 court case which is scheduled for mid February 06. What a tremendous gift.  Thank you very, very much.  Blessings,

Anna Louise Britz. Auckland, New Zealand

Secrets of meditation have been very inspiring and indeed extremely thought provoking, the deep breathing exercises help tremendously to calm the mind and energize myself for a long hectic day. God bless you and grant you success in all your endeavors.    

Tara. Peera. Kenya

Matt, you were my beginning to inner peace, first meditation experience was along side you.  Best thing that's happened for me was to find your site which opened a whole new world for me.  Cannot thank you enough.   Happy Holidays        

Renee Brazeal. Lake Isabella, CA

I've listened to your 'Secrets of Meditation' and found it to be a great help in relaxing after a very stressful day at work, or just to get my morning grounded.  Thanks!         

Kate. Louisville, KY


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