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At The Mind-Body Training Company, we believe all of us have a massive warehouse of possibility inside just waiting to be discovered. The problem.... we're using a small pen light with which to see.  In the same way, many self-help techniques focus almost entirely on the mind while ignoring the massive warehouse of your true potential - that is, the subtle energy system of the human mind-body.


The Mind-Body Training Company specializes in proven holistic practices that bring health, happiness and abundance. There are two principles that we believe are essential for living a life of purpose and meaning. You'll see them throughout all our programs:

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    Effective training (or practice) is the true path to excellence in any area of your life. If we want any result in life, whether that is better health, more financial abundance, better relationships, we know that regular training or practice is crucial. It’s always our practice that allows us to continually grow and evolve.

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    We want our training to be holistic and balanced in nature. We’re not interested in half measures that only partially address the real issues. We know that effective training needs to be complete, balanced and holistic. For lasting positive change, we must address the subtle energy system that we experience through the mind-body connection.

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"I was under enormous stress… Now I am much calmer, my health is improving, my financial situation is much better, I have a new and wonderful job and my loved ones are getting better as well."

Ginny Fiorentine, Levittown, PA, United States

"I have received the tapes and I am gaining knowledge everyday... Thanks they are very beneficial.. .I have become a better person and a clearer thinker already. You are doing such a great service... Keep up the good work. With appreciation,"

Nancy Alt, Ohio, United States

"You were my beginning to inner peace, my first meditation experience was along side you. Best thing that's happened for me was to find your site which opened a whole new world for me. Cannot thank you enough. Happy Holidays"

Renee Brazeal, Lake Isabella, CA, United States

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