Earn Big Commissions And Transform Lives With These Copy And Paste Affiliate Tools!

At The Mind-Body Training Company, we have some truly fantastic programs that really make a difference in people’s lives. So why not get paid big commissions and truly make a difference!


The basic requirement is that you must have your own web site, social media following, or third party hosted site (like Squidoo or Myspace etc.) That's pretty much all you need. These cut-and-paste tools deliver high-quality content to your community, which in turn generates lots of happy people, big sales, and big commissions for you!

More Reasons To Make Money With Us

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    Our Programs Work

    They are natural and holistic. They work because they go beyond superficial levels and affect core level change. This means more sales and commissions for you. Our refund rate is extremely low across the board.

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    High Visitor Value

    Remember, your commissions per click (visitor value) is the ONLY metric that counts at the end of the day. What good is 75% commission on a $500 product if the conversion rate is less than 0.2%? A high rate of commission and a high price does NOT equal high commissions for you. Our affiliates earn serious cash because we constantly improve our results through continuous testing. We have found that keeping the front-end sale at a reasonable price makes you MUCH more money every step of the way. More front end commissions = MUCH more continuity commissions = much more back-end commissions for you. Bottom line, this system works.

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    Valuable Content You Can Give To Your Followers

    We give away high quality free content that people REALLY appreciate being referred to. People often say that our free stuff deserves a price tag. However, we prefer to give it away because we want to make a difference and we know our free content convinces our clients to buy.

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    Proven Relationship Building And Conversion

    We have a proven follow-up system that converts MANY more back end sales. We always recommend you direct people to opt-in for our free content so we can follow up the leads for you. However, this is completely optional. All our tools include links to both opt-in and our sales letters.

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    Copy And Paste Tools

    Access to proven "copy and paste" tools. When you sign-up to be an affiliate with us, you have access to lots of tools all pre-formatted with your affiliate links. This removes all the guesswork. Whichever of our front-end programs you want to promote, all you need to do is copy and paste to start making money.

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"I was under enormous stress… Now I am much calmer, my health is improving, my financial situation is much better, I have a new and wonderful job and my loved ones are getting better as well."

Ginny Fiorentine, Levittown, PA, United States

"I have received the tapes and I am gaining knowledge everyday... Thanks they are very beneficial.. .I have become a better person and a clearer thinker already. You are doing such a great service... Keep up the good work. With appreciation,"

Nancy Alt, Ohio, United States

"You were my beginning to inner peace, my first meditation experience was along side you. Best thing that's happened for me was to find your site which opened a whole new world for me. Cannot thank you enough. Happy Holidays"

Renee Brazeal, Lake Isabella, CA, United States